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Our staff is fully qualified to evaluate a properties value, local neighborhoods and rental market assessments to advise you on appropriate rental ranges for your property. Given our experience and expertise we are able to provide a full assessment for any given investment property, ranging from single family homes, multi-family housing to condominiums.


Tenant Screening

We take a professional pride in finding qualified and quality tenants for your property. In the past few years we've averaged filling over 500 home rentals a year with an average vacancy rate of less than three weeks. Our applicants are thoroughly screened and each must meet the criteria we have established regardless of the rental rate or size of the property.




Legal Matters

When selecting a property management firm to oversee one of your largest assets, knowledge is power! Our contractual agreement between all parties is for the benefit of all. Our documents are prepared as if we are going to court tomorrow. Our staff is continually educated and are committed to working with the owner and the tenants utilizing the strict guidelines of each states Landlord/Tenant Laws.



Rent Collection & Disbursement

Rents are collected by the fifth business day of each month. Rental proceeds are temporarily held and paid out by the last working day of the month. In the event of a tenant making a late payment, collection practices are started promptly and evictions, should they be necessary, are handled in a timely and efficient manner to reduce the chance of difficult or costly situations. Our efforts to keep each owner abreast of current situations for their tenant and the property has been simplified through our online portal access. This portal will allow owners to receive notifications concerning account balances, tenant payments and the like. In order to maintain continuity within our office your property manager will ensure you have access and communicate regularly through the portal, therefore our property managers will not seek authorization prior to any legal procedures necessitated for your property.



Each month you will receive a detailed income and expense report. A summary page is provided followed by a more detailed statement of income generated and any expenditures for the given month. At the end of the year you are provided with a comprehensive statement for your tax records that will be categorized for ease of tax preparations. All W-2's, 1099's and any other required IRS form will be filed on your behalf, as well as any vendor performing any work on your property. You always know exactly where you stand regarding income and expenses.


Property Maintenance

Our extensive list of reliable, reasonable and responsible contractors can cover any repairs or maintenance your property may require. We have "in-house" maintenance technicians who are highly skilled and qualified to handle most tenant repair request. Our maintenance rate is priced well below any current market rate for the repair needed and a maintenance history assessment is made prior to sending any vendor to your home. Remember-it is our goal to maximize the return for your investment. Should an emergency arise we also provide 24 hour care.



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